We're all pretty burned out on remakes right now. But one that seems to have film fandom cautiously excited and optimistic is the remake ofLogan's Run. There's enough differences between the film and William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson's original novel to allow for a fresh interpretation, and sci-fi is nothing if it doesn't tap into our current fears and crises. Last month, Warner Bros picked up-and-comer Carl Erik Rinsch to direct the remake and today comes more good news: According to THR's Heat Vision, Alex Garland has been hired to pen the screenplay.

If you're a Danny Boyle fan, you know his name instantly. Garland was the author of The Beach, which Boyle adapted into a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The two got along so well that Garland wrote the screenplay for 28 Days Later and Sunshine, and served as executive producer on 28 Weeks Later. If you're more into gaming than Boyle, you may also recognize his name from the initial Halo script. He's also a fine novelist in his own right.

The point here is Garland's credibility, especially in sci-fi, is top notch. The themes he's explored in his past work -- butterfly effects, slightly off-kilter worlds, the loss of the life you knew, personal beliefs, sacrifice, dystopia -- would be ideal for Logan's Run, especially if it stuck closer to the book. (Have you seen the trailer for Never Let Me Go, yet?) Sometimes, a remake can make a story richer and more resonant with modern audiences. Garland and Rinsch's Run actually might be one of these.
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