For years, cosplayers (those who dress up as their favorite anime/movie/comic/videogame characters at conventions) have lived with the reputation that they're not scoring with the opposite sex. That may be true for guys running around in full Klingon regalia, but we've stumbled across visual proof that guys dressing up like Hobbits are definitely making inroads with the ladies.

Swedish Bed provides numerous examples of short dudes with hairy feet making love connections well outside of Middle Earth. Each one is equal parts magical and hilarious -- guaranteed to warm even Smaug's black heart while making the Balrog giggle at the absurdity of it all.

In the photos, Hobbits work their mojo on not only one, but often two fair maidens. Shy hobbits get cozy with tall Elvish chicks and their chest pillows. These curly-haired bigfoots have some serious skills. Check out the hotness in the gallery below.

[via The Swedish Bed]

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