There've been no lives lost in the so-called console wars between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, but a lot of egos have been bruised. Comic creator Ryan Kinnaird is rolling up his sleeves and joining the fight with Next Gen Warz, a new two-issue mini-series from Image Comics that moves the battle from the sales charts to the living room of a fanboy gamer.

In Kinnaird's send-up, two consoles, the FoxBox 630 and the ESexy3, become buxom females, and fight each other in skin-tight costumes to determine who is the most "giga" (desirable, according to Kinnaird). And, yes, even a girl based on the Wii joins the fight in the second issue. Is Kinnaird making a statement about which console he prefers, is he attacking mindless consumerism, or is he looking for a crazy excuse to draw manga cheesecake?

If the pictures at Newsarama are any indication -- manga cheesecake. Hands down.
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