When it comes to superheroes, a lot of the fun rests in playing armchair casting director -- taking over Hollywood's job and figuring out who should play whom. But it's even more fun when the notion starts with Stan Lee himself, the man who helped bring us Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, and more. See, Hollywood Life chatted with Lee at Activision's E-3 concert and the ol' comics pro has his eye set on a certain star. Lee wants to see Leo in a pair of tights: "I want Leo, Leo DiCaprio should be a superhero. Leo NEEDS to be a superhero."

Unfortunately, Lee isn't sharing who he thinks Leonardo DiCaprio should play. He's leaving that casting choice up to us. I can't help but wonder if those old rumors about DiCaprio becoming Captain America all stem from Lee, and now that Cap is someone else, Lee is trying another angle to lure the star into the superhero world. But the big question is who. Lots of the mainstream biggies are spoken for, and the last thing someone of DiCaprio's calibre wants is to be in a modern Daredevil or Shadow type flop.

Me, I think Lee has it partially right. Why not get Leo into a villain role? He just worked with Christopher Nolan on Inception, so that'd be one easy jumping point to the world of Batman 3. But what do you guys think? Is there a role Leo is destined for as a superhero or villain? Or, is Lee just crazy?
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