WakeMiley Cyrus might have a new reason to hate Twilight: she's signed on to star in an adaptation of the young adult novel Wake, the first book in a trilogy by Lisa McMann, and the movie sounds like it could be the newest spooky 'tween sensation. The Risky Business blog is reporting that Wake will be adapted by Christopher Landon, who co-wrote Disturbia, which starred Shia LaBeouf in a sort of teen-friendly Rear Window drama.

Cyrus will star as the protagonist Janie, a 17-year-old who can see into other people's dreams. As per the book description on Amazon, Janie keeps her strange talent a secret, but it becomes far more than an annoying nightly occurrence when she "sees" someone's nightmare and gets involved. The rights to the second and third books, Fade and Gone, have already been acquired by Paramount and MTV Films as well.
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