Is it just me, or does it seem really strange that Josh Brolin is co-starring in a movie with Megan Fox? Doesn't he seem too... I don't know... respectable and established to be sharing the spotlight with Fox in 'Jonah Hex'? A-list actresses like Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie or even his real-life lady, Diane Lane, seem more aligned with his caliber. For some reason even Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith in 'The Karate Kid' makes more sense to me as a movie duo.

Speaking of unlikely movie pairings, what's the deal with Maria Bello playing Kevin James' wife in 'Grown Ups'? I mean, come on. His character may be the nicest, funniest guy in the world, but I just don't buy them as a couple. Even the Salma Hayek/ Adam Sandler pairing in 'Grown Ups' seems less suspect, although still, you've got to suspend your disbelief for that one, too.
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