I've been attending the Danger After Dark series at the Philadelphia Film Festival for some time now, and it seems fitting that for the series' tenth anniversary, festival programmer Travis Crawford and company will be splitting off on their own this year for a mini-festival from July 9 - 19. Big Tits Zombie 3-D and Red White & Blue are just two of the genre titles that the festival will be celebrating and thank god for that.

It's all taking place at a theater I used to shovel popcorn at -- the Ritz at the Bourse -- starting Friday, July 9. All films will be playing at 10 PM, for 10 clams a pop, and are guaranteed to fill up fast. Other goodies on tap include the Danish updating of Straw Dogs -- Deliver Us From Evil, the Japanese gore flick RoboGeisha, and the neo-giallo flick Amer. You can check out the full lineup on the festival's announcement launch page, which on Friday, June 18 will switcheroo to www.dangerafterdark.com. Check it.

Which festival titles are you looking forward to most? More importantly, who is buying me popcorn and Swedish Fish?

[via FEARnet & Twitch]

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