The crew at Radical Comics have enjoyed a steady stream of Hollywood options since they opened their doors in 2007. Caliber, The Last Days of American Crime, Abattoir, Oblivion,Freedom Formula, and Hercules: The Thracian Warshave all been put in active development, often before the books themselves are released. (Those lush covers are undoubtedly a big help. You just want to pick them up and make a movie out of them.) THR's Heat Vision reports that Radical's latest sell is Nick Percival's new graphic novel,Legends, which has caught the eye of Ron Howard and Brian Grazer.

Legends trods a familiar path of fairy tale deconstruction. It stars a number of famous fairy tale characters -- Red Riding Hood, Jack the Giant Killer, Goldilocks and Hansel and Gretel -- as wolf hunters, mercenaries, psychic exterminators, and just general badasses. They come together to investigate the murder of Pinocchio, and realize the killer is hunting all creatures of folklore.

Alice in Wonderland 3D has caused a rush on all fairy tale and fantasy properties (witness the assorted Oz projects scattered over Hollywood), and while Imagine Entertainment hasn't set up a studio, a writer, or a director, it's supposed that these things are not far behind. Considering the very similar (and long gestating) adaptation of Fables is inching closer to a television debut, I wouldn't be surprised to see this jump to the front of Imagine's queue. It's far more adaptable than The Dark Tower any day of the week.
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