IGN had a little shindig during E3 and invited some plants and zombies to join them on the JW Marriott roof deck. What resulted was a dance-off between the living dead and a bunch of pansies. I'm sad to report that Jean-Claude Van Damme didn't show up in his Breakin' getup, but those who are helplessly addicted to PopCap's clever little game, Plants vs. Zombies, had a blast.

This dance-off isn't a far cry from the game which features plants and zombies bobbing their heads and a music video at the game's finale. In the video -- which you can check out after the jump -- witness people in flower bonnets and zombie masks show off their freestyle dance skillz and marvel in the ridiculousness of it all (because you know whenever a Marriott is involved it's extra special). Clearly Team Zombies wins this one. Hopefully there will be a Zombie 2: Electric Boogaloo reunion at the next E3.
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