What lives in the ocean half a mile deep where the light is dim, and is thought to be about 300 million years old? No, It's not one of the Great Old Ones -- it's Vampyroteuthis Infernalis, which literally translates to Vampire Squid from Hell (no joke, look it up!), aka the stuff of my nightmares. This deep-sea creature isn't technically a squid (though it shares traits with both squids and octopuses), but rather a Vampyromorphida -- an order of cephalopods. Few studies have been done on the species because as the video indicates, little exploration as been done on the water above the deep floor where it lives. You can get to know Vampyroteuthis better in a nifty National Geographic video after the jump. There you can marvel at its eight long arms, creepy sensory filament, shifty eyeball, and the way it turns its own body inside out to protect itself from predators. Clearly this thing is waiting for the moment when the planets align so it can be released from the ocean and torture us all to insanity.
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