This year's E3 saw both Sony and Microsoft unveil new motion sensing gaming technology set to rival the Nintendo Wii. While interesting, that doesn't seem to have much to do with movies. However, there's one piece of software on display that could shoot to the top of every movie-loving gamer's holiday wishlist: Yoostar 2 -- a title being billed as the first "movie karaoke" game.

So, what is movie karaoke? It's basically like traditional karaoke, minus the singing and with you in the part of a famous actor recreating a classic movie scene. Thanks to Microsoft Kinect and the PlayStation Move's new cameras, the company is able to use green screen and motion capture effects to put you into selected scenes and then allow you to act out the action and dialogue. You like?

The title's developers held a press demo yesterday -- and who better to show off what the game is capable of than the amazing Leonard Nimoy? The actor came out of retirement just long enough to show off the technology by putting himself into the role of the T-800 and uttering the infamous, "I'll be back" line while reporters watched.

Yoostar 2 is currently 60% finished and in the pre-alpha development stage. The game is set to launch this holiday season with 60 scenes available in the retail release and another 500 coming via download at a cost of $1-$3 each. Some of the titles currently playable included The Terminator, Casablanca, The Princess Bride, and The Blues Brothers.

Now that you know what "movie karaoke" is, would you play it? Sounds like a fun way for the entire family to play something together. The bigger question is what iconic scenes are you hoping are included either in the retail release or via download? My vote -- Taxi Driver.

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