In a documentary on the new Blu-ray for Caddyshack, the film's female star, Cindy Morgan, talks briefly about how guys approach her even today and tell her that she was "their first." Their first what, they don't quite specify, but when you've played a comely caddy jockey in Harold Ramis' directorial debut and a science fiction icon in Steven Lisberger's groundbreaking CGI opus Tron, what's most interesting is that there are more options than "just" an adolescent fantasy figure, especially given the way that she plays both.

When Tron Legacy was announced more than a year ago, Morgan's was unfortunately not among the names of cast members who would be returning from the original film. But an effective online campaign launched by her fans to revive her character Yori earned her a spot in some of the film's wildly successful viral marketing campaigns, including an appearance at the 2010 San Francisco Wondercon, where she smooched her on screen husband Bruce Boxleitner before being interrupted by the derring-do of an anarchic base-jumper.

Since then Morgan has been working on a coffee table book about her experiences on both Caddyshack and Tron, and waiting to get back on the game grid for more Tron Legacy events. Cinematical caught up with Morgan last week via telephone for a lengthy chat, where she dazzled us with anecdotes and offered reflections on these two films that have fueled the fantasies of their viewers for decades. (And incidentally, if you get to see Cindy at this year's Comic-Con and tell her that she was your "first," you can thank us later.)