If Peter Berg, Taylor Kitsch, and tales of alien ships still equals up to one D4 "miss" on your seeing Battleship, then I have a name for you: Alexander Skarsgård. If he signed on, would it outweigh all your skeptical, good sense and lead you into plunking down money for a ticket? Well, think about that for a moment as THR's Heat Vision reports that Skarsgard is taking to the high seas for the board game adaptation.

Skarsgård will be playing Kitsch's brother, a "a straight and narrow naval officer whom Kitsch, a wildly spirited naval officer, idolizes." So, he will be the Iceman to Kitsch's Maverick -- which is really quite fitting since he's already done a stint as Iceman in HBO's Generation Kill. Skarsgård has been toying with Hollywood blockbusters, but hasn't yet settled on one. Thor eluded him (but not his father!), and his Straw Dogs remake isn't exactly the kind of movie you get an action figure for. He's reportedly quite picky about his projects, favoring small films in his native Sweden, so there must be something in Battleship that caught his eye.

But hey, there's plenty of time to wonder whether or not Battleship will be good. For now, let's ponder how many opportunities Skarsgård might have to lose his shirt, or at least have it torn in the course of duty. If Berg is smart, they'll find a way, because it will triple ticket sales. There's probably even a mathematical formula that could correlate how much clothing Skarsgård would have to lose to outdo Avatar's box office. (What? Come on, I've seen the fan sites, and our Jette Kernion saw his effect in person. We're just good researchers.)

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