Screen shot of IMDB pageThose poor Hollywood types. We praise their work and spend our money on them but that's still not enough. According to The Wrap, the Writers Guild of America is locked in a battle with IMDb about the right to remove people's ages from their IMDb profiles in a bid to protect them from ageism in the industry.

IMDb, which appears to be the industry and internet's favourite movie resource with 60 million unique hits a month, not only holds profiles for the big fish, like actors and directors, but pretty much everyone involved in a movie production.

The WGA, and other groups such as the Screen Actors Guild, are arguing that the movie industry prefers to employ those in their 20s and crew members nearing, or past, 40 find it more difficult to gain employment. However, IMDb aren't willing to make these changes and are, apparently, extremely hard to convince to take down even incorrect information once it's up there.

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