The new movie Jonah Hex is a sort of cinematic proving ground for a number of reasons: the film itself hopes to successfully combine western conventions with fantasy and horror ones; Josh Brolin hopes to turn critical acclaim into commercial viability; Megan Fox hopes to prove she doesn't need "giant f*cking robots" in order to be a box office success; and director Jimmy Hayward hopes that he can make a smooth transition from animated to live-action moviemaking.

Whether or not those hopes are realized remains to be seen. But Cinematical recently spoke to the cast and crew at the film's Los Angeles press day, where they dished about the process of putting this unconventional picture together. In an informative and remarkably entertaining press conference, Brolin, Fox and Hayward talked about tackling challenges physical, professional, and emotional, and we've assembled the five most interesting facts you should know when going into watch Jonah Hex.