I'll be the first to admit I have never seen an episode of Dr. Who. All I know of the show is that an awesome Scissor Sisters song was featured in an episode where the Master danced and mocked Dr. Who and that Christopher Eccleston, the guy who played Major Henry West in 28 Days Later, was the ninth doctor, appearing only in 2005. Oh, and I know of the Tardis (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), the blue police box from the 1950s served as the means through which the doctor, a humanoid alien, travels through time. And now, if you happen to have around £12,000, you can buy it.

And not just any Tardis. British auctions house Bonhams will be offering up for auction the 2005 Tardis seen in the Dr. Whoverse populated by the aforementioned ninth doctor. The auction will take place on June 23rd, and according to the Press Association will feature a number of other Dr. Who props, including "the earliest surviving Dalek - first appearing in Dr Who And The Daleks in 1964 and The Chase in 1965," as well as a Dalek from the episode The Evil of the Daleks, all of which are estimated to fetch upwards of £3,000 (which is approximately $4,400 here in the States).
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