Hello again creatures of the night! It's once again time for the Horror Squad Movie Club and unfortunately for you, I'm in the driver's seat this week. So this feature has been going strong for a few months now and I have been very pleased with its success. But I thought it might be fun to throw a monkey into the wrench (?) and add a twist to the proceedings. Instead of doing what I always do and choosing a movie I truly love, I have decided to take on a film I have never seen: Nosferatu.

Everyone knows this film, but I wonder how many of us have actually seen F.W. Murnau's classic interpretation of Dracula. I know very little about it other than it is silent, black & white, and star Max Schreck was a bit of a loony. I know from the comment sections during the various discussions that the movie clubs are the first exposure some of our readers have to these films and frankly I am a bit jealous. So in the interest of discovery and leaving myself no opportunity to Bogart the discussion later, I will see Nosferatu with virgin eyes this weekend and jump into the philosophical cage match with all of you as I cut my teeth on some German, expressionistic horror. It is available on the always convenient Netflix watch instantly. Let's do this!
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