It's been 35 years since Steven Spielberg's aquatic classic 'Jaws' appeared in theaters, forever altering both the filmmaking landscape (it's widely considered to be the first "blockbuster") and the nation at large. With the introduction of a mechanical shark, the entire country was seemingly gripped with a newfound panic and fear of going into the water. What 'Psycho' did for showers, 'Jaws' did for outdoor swimming. In honor of the film's 35th anniversary, Snagfilms is now featuring 'Great White Shark: Truth Behind the Legend', the real story of one of the deadliest predators in nature.

featuring Jaws creator Peter Benchley and famed underwater photographer David Doubilet, the National Geographic film showcases, in vivid detail, the behavior and actions of the great white and features a diver trapped in the bottom of the sea for more than four hours by what some have labeled "the perfect killing machine." For anyone who thought a fake shark was scary, try watching the real thing.
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