Now that it's been confirmed that Angelina Jolie will be playing Cleopatra in an upcoming biography based on Cleopatra: A Life, the backlash has begun. Specifically, why would yet another white actress play Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, and a woman who was most possibly not Caucasian?

Cleopatra's exact race is still a matter of debate among historians, academics, and anthropologists. The BBC reported in 2009, "remains of the queen's sister Princess Arsinoe, found in Ephesus, Turkey, indicate that her mother had an 'African' skeleton." Because the two women had different mothers, this has contributed to the debate. The Times wrote, "The breakthrough, by an Austrian team, has provided pointers to Cleopatra's true ethnicity. Scholars have long debated whether she was Greek or Macedonian like her ancestor the original Ptolemy, a Macedonian general who was made ruler of Egypt by Alexander the Great, or whether she was north African."
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