Jonah HexBagging an early showing of an upcoming movie has its perks. For one thing, it's possible to write about it on opening day. However, it has its downsides, such as when the movie is somewhat crap. If I had to put it in a DC Comics movie quality category, Jonah Hex probably goes somewhere around the level of Constantine, but not quite as good.

Jimmy Hayward's film is short at 81 minutes, which is probably a good thing considering the plot is unfocused and has holes that are a mile wide and a fathom deep. The best thing about it is Josh Brolin-- and it isn't even his best performance (he was much better in W.). Llikely, Jonah Hex would have been better if it was more a parody of the clichés of Western movies (like Unforgiven, but campier), but it seemed to take itself way too seriously. Spoilers begin after the jump.
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