AqualadDC Comics is introducing a new character with an old name. According to writer Geoff Johns, this character will tie into the resurrected Aquaman and Mera storyline from the Brightest Day comic books currently running. As you can tell from the photo, the new Aqualad is African-American and no longer wears sleeves.

Here's my theory: the new Aqualad is Black Manta's son. For those unaware, Black Manta is Aquaman's arch-nemesis that murdered Aquaman's son a long time ago. According to the description, he's been taught to fear water out of concern of his actual parents finding him. Black Manta is black in race as well as name and this twist makes sense given Johns' love of creating new stories out of the varied and sometimes contradictory stories of DC's continuity.

It is an interesting idea to make the spiritual son of Aquaman the son of the man that killed his son. If that's the case, it makes you wonder if the new Aqualad is really going to last that long.
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