Now that The Twilight Saga has reinvigorated his career, Peter Facinelli, also known as Dr. Carlisle Cullen, is stretching his cinematic reach and writing his own gigs. Variety reports that the actor has penned a new film called Loosies, which will put him alongside the likes of Michael Madsen and Vincent Gallo. Michael Corrente (Outside Providence) will direct when production kicks off next month.

Facinelli will star as "a successful pickpocket living the outlaw lifestyle until confronted with an old one-night stand who tells him that she's pregnant with his child." If the IMDb cast list is right, it looks like the one-night stand could be played by his real-life wife Jennie Garth. As for Madsen and Gallo, there's no word on what sort of characters they'll play, but considering the subject matter, I think it's fair to say that they're a part of the pickpocket's "outlaw lifestyle."

Since this is Facinelli's first screenplay, there's no telling how this will play out, but I'm digging the idea of an actor writing himself a role to help fight against typecasting, which is what this should do if the flick makes its way into the public consciousness. Really, for most people he'll remain the tow-headed vamp with the weird accent if he doesn't, and unless Stephenie Meyer starts writing the Carlisle Chronicles, that gig won't get him too far.
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