Hollywood's hottest taking to the Broadway stage is a win-win for everybody; the stars get the Tonys and the business booms. Denzel Washington and Viola Davis both nabbed best leading actor awards for their roles in Fences, the top selling show on Broadway, so it's no surprise that Samuel L. Jackson is looking to make bank in a similar fashion.

As reported by the New York Post, Jackson very well might be the first big actor to hit the stage this fall. The outlet recently revealed that Jackson read for the role of Martin Luther King Jr. in Katori Hall's play, The Mountaintop. The piece is a fictional telling of King's stay at the Lorraine Motel, the night before his assassination. Jackson's potential involvement was considered top-secret business, but an anonymous source revealed, "He was really good, and he likes the play a lot" and "We're pretty sure we've got him."

With that seemingly a wrap, now it's on to Jackson's co-star, the beautiful chambermaid who winds up being a bit more than that, something "otherworldly." One of the women up for that gig? Anika Noni Rose, a Tony winner, the actress who voiced Tiana in The Princes and the Frog and starred as Lorrell Robinson in Dreamgirls. Rose's name is getting more familiar by the day, but she might have some serious competition in the famous face department because there's buzz that the producers are after Halle Berry as well. I immediately want to point at Rose's Tony and say she's the one for the job, but not only is The Mountaintop not a musical unlike the show for which Rose earned her award, but producers are likely looking for someone who's going to pull in the big bucks. Plus, Berry is a fantastic actress and, stage experience or not, can undoubtedly put on a good show.
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