The point of this series is we're all going to die sudden and horrible deaths sometime in the near future. Whether it's from a giant asteroid striking the Atlantic Ocean and flooding every country in the world or a group of scientists deciding that they just have to build the perfect Killer Bee, science will be involved in our ultimate demise.

Each week, I sour the internet, looking for pieces that suggest our imminent doom and each week, I have very little trouble compiling this list. Armageddon is around the corner. We've already killed the Gulf of Mexico and transformed Detroit into the setting of The Road Warrior, so we're off to a good start!

But something funny happened this week. As I compiled my usual list of doom and gloom, I noticed something strange. I was seeing more good news than bad news. A first! So I decided that maybe science isn't so bad after all. Maybe the world will exist for millions of years yet and the human race will be infinite, stretching out into the cosmos, going where no one has gone before-

Nah. We're just prolonging the inevitable, but let's take a look at how science is making our road trip to the apocalypse at little more bearable.
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