Oh, T.S. Quint. Hollywood actor Jeremy London (not twin brother Jason of Dazed and Confused fame) is not having an easy go of it these days. According to Radar Online, "armed bandits" abducted the poor guy, robbed him, and forced him to smoke dope during an ordeal that lasted five hours. As the story goes, he was attempting to change his tire when help turned into a hostage situation in a scenario that sounds a lot like that one plot line on Six Feet Under. The suspect, Brandon Adams, is now in custody and facing a whole slew of felony charges.

The killer to this story, aside from the ordeal itself, is that the actor has been struggling with a drug problem already, having went to rehab last year to fight off his addiction to prescription pills. But years ago, before things started falling apart for London, he had his share of fame, from notable stints on both Party of Five and 7th Heaven, to his big-screen work, which included Kevin Smith's 1995 film Mallrats.
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