Sure, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has been eagerly awaited by Twi-hards for its potential squee-dom as Bella gets torn between her two supernatural beaus, but it's also been raising a lot of brows for its action. Rather than too-short blips intermingled in heaving sighs and talks of Edward's beauty, there's danger and fighting from moment one. Seattle is under attack by strong and out-of-control newborn vampires eager for blood, which will lead to a two-part showdown with the vamps and werewolves of Forks. But couched in-between that danger, there's the fighting lessons.

Before everyone can come together and beat the crap out of each other, once-warrior Jasper has to teach both the Cullens and the wolves how to win against a stronger, newborn attacker, and that's the big perk of Moviefone's latest Eclipse clip. The Cullens stop looking serious and really get a chance to fight (much moreso than the short bits in Twilight). Emmett takes on Jasper, and even Carlisle gets in on the action, going head to head with Edward.

Hit the jump for the clip, and if you're eager for even more, type "eclipse tv spots" into Google and work your way through a sea of clips sharing everything from added fight glimpses to Gil Birmingham's Billy getting a little Quileute screen time.