You'll notice right away that the house on the right is not the iconic house you know from the A Nightmare on Elm Streetmovies. That house is in Hollywood. This "real" one is in Potsdam, New York, and actually has an Elm Street address. How is it considered the "real" Nightmare house, given that unlike the real Amityville Horror house it was not the site of actual murders -- let alone any conducted by a dreamworld-inhabiting psychopath named Freddy? Well, it apparently inspired Wes Craven's movie (though he has denied this), because the filmmaker was at one time a professor at Potsdam's Clarkson University and he assisted a few students in their making of a short 1968 horror spoof called Pandora's Experimentia, which they filmed in this, their frat house.

The movie is thought lost forever, but at least this house still exists. However, it is going to be destroyed very soon if nobody tries to stop the town's fire department from using it for training purposes. At least one guy is attempting to save the house, which he mistakenly yet humorously says in the below video "was based on the movie." He mostly seems to want it preserved because he has the feeling of the movie (I think he means Craven's later film, not the student production) while in its presence. And yet, he contributes to the demolition at the end of his tribute by stealing a big chunk of the former Theta Chi (that's pronounced with a "k" sound, by the way) house's side porch. Check out this guy's video after the jump and tell us if you think it should be saved.
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