As an artist, I can attest to the fact that making art with spray paint is not something that is as easy as it looks. Hell, most people can't even spray paint a piece of furniture without getting ugly drips or creating an uneven surface. That's partly why Brandon McConnell's technique is so amazing -- along with the speed at which he creates the pieces, the unique textures and color combinations, as well as the use of simple materials to define shapes and images. His method instantly transforms what could be a bad painting of melty planets you might find in a head shop, to a one of a kind work of art.

The end result is something similar to a black velvet painting, where lush textures and depth of contrast help create a glow or inner light. Skeptics who aren't convinced by watching the great video of the artist at work (after the jump of course), should check out his website. There you'll find other landscapes with a level of detail that would make Bob Ross a happy little tree. Note: this guy's lungs must be candy colored by now. He's not wearing a face mask -- ooof!
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