Evil Things, directed by Dominic Perez, 2009

When a package from the FBI arrived in my mail one afternoon, my first thought was, "Holy crap, what did I do this time?" After I read the letter that accompanied the DVD, I realized it was just a crazy marketing gimmick for the indie cinema verite horror flick Evil Things by Dominic Perez. Following a group of kids being stalked by a crazy faceless madman while on vacation in the snowy mountains, Perez managed to take a couple of cliches and produce an incredibly effect and well-acted little thriller that featured a genuinely terrifying ending.

While the marketing gimmick was more or less made irrelevant by the rolling credits at the end of the film, and cries of "Why does he keep carrying the camera around" are simply dismissed with the cliched "I want to be a filmmaker" excuse, Evil Things managed to be a wonderful surprise. Its conventional plot is offset by the superb teen actors, the excellent acting of which makes the viewer feel as if they're actually being terrorized in the middle of nowhere. I generally have very...strong opinions concerning indie flicks like this, but Evil Things proved to be a pleasant surprise.
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