If you are a fan of Criterion's work in home entertainment or have some kids that need distracting for a few hours while you watch direct-to-video sequels and remakes of films younger than those children, then boy are you in luck this week.

Starting on August 10, Sony will release Neil LaBute's remake of Frank Oz's comedy, Death at a Funeral. The $42-million-grossing film went from British-to-African-American actors including Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence and Tracy Morgan, part of the "Super Bowl of comedy" according to one reviewer, and was slightly better received than the original film from the long lost time of 2007. That was the same year in which Losers helmer Sylvain White first showed us how to Stomp the Yard. Now its Rob Hardy's turn with the direct-to-video sequel from Sony, Stomp the Yard: Homecomingon Sept. 21.

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