One of the loudest and most consistent criticisms lobbed at Judd Apatow is that he doesn't understand the ladies, and can't build a comedy around anything but immature men. But Apatow seems to be on a quiet mission to change his game plan. According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Apatow has signed on to produce Business Trip, a female-oriented comedy which will star his wife, Leslie Mann.

Business Trip was optioned by Benderspink and Universal last year, according to Variety. Penned by Stacey Harman, it's said to be a female version of The Hangover, and centers on"a group of women who go on a corporate trip but wind up doing anything but business while on company time." As Benderspink was also behind The Hangover, clearly they see a lot of raunchy potential in it. Now Apatow has come around to their way of thinking.

This isn't the first girl-oriented project Apatow has landed on, as he's also producing Kristen Wiig's Bridesmaids, a wedding comedy that she developed for herself. Clearly, Apatow is trying to think out of his comfort zone, and one can't help but think Mann is eager to show a side of herself that isn't the nervous and shrill wife she's often stuck playing. Will Bridesmaids and Business Trip show a different side of this producer / director? Will the actresses in them shine as strongly as his male leads have? Will they really show women can be as heedless and crazy as men? Or will they simply be rom-coms with more raunch? It's going to be a revealing move for Apatow.
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