One of the hottest movie gossip topics over the past few weeks has centered on who will direct The Hobbit now that Guillermo del Toro has stepped aside. Website has the latest surprising rumor -- Neill Blomkamp.

The site goes to great lengths to stress that the story is purely speculation at this point, but they lay out all their cards in support of it and go on to state that their personal take is that there may indeed be some truth to it. It's a detailed piece and I highly recommend checking it out for yourself, but here are the highlights and some of the reasons they feel the story makes sense.

Since del Toro's departure, MGM and Warner Bros. have been adamant about wanting Peter Jackson to return to direct both Hobbit films. It makes sense -- Jackson's already done the Lord of the Rings and he has name recognition. Unfortunately, Jackson doesn't want to direct the movies -- feeling that he's already done everything with Middle Earth that he can and to do more would be to potentially tarnish his legacy. The decision to hire del Toro was good not only because he would have made a great version of The Hobbit, but also because Jackson trusted the filmmaker enough that he felt as though the project would be in capable hands without his involvement.

Hit the jump for the reasons why Blomkamp directing makes sense and some news on how the production is shaping up.