If you're not a hardcore fan of B-movies, the name Jim Wynorksi probably doesn't mean much to you -- but if you've ever cruised by Cinemax late at night and seen something like The Bare Wench Project, Hard to Die, the Not of this Earth remake (starring Traci Lords in her first mainstream film role), or Chopping Mall, then you're familiar with his work.

Wynorski has spent a quarter of a century plying his trade in the B-movie minefield, refining his craft and making films filled with busty babes and a low-budget DIY aesthetic. His shoots are legendary, with reports of him filming 100 set-ups per day (a typical Hollywood director does 20 ... ). His filmmaking philosophy is simple, but has served him well -- "A big chase and a big chest." -- and his penchant for filming women topless led to one of his many pseudonyms -- Tom Popatopalous.

Playing off that name is filmmaker Clay Westervelt'sPopatopolis -- a 75 minute documentary chronicling not only Wynorski's career as he attempts to shoot The Witches of Breastwick in a mere three days, but the decline of B cinema in general from its 1980's heyday. Culled from over 20 tapes of shot footage, the film attempts to define the filmmaker through the opinions of those who know him best: the people who work with him. Featuring interviews with Roger Corman, Julie Strain, Glori-Anne Gilbert, Monique Parent, Antonia Dorian, Wynorski, and a host of others, the film appears to be a celebration of one of Hollywood's favorite cult film directors.

If that sounds like it's up your alley, you can order a copy of Popatopolis at the official site. Once you've done that, share your favorite Wynorski flicks in the comments section. I'll get us started: Not of This Earth. Hit the jump for the trailer.