Whether or not you actually agree that "torture porn" is indeed a genre niche, it's hard to argue that over the years the horror genre has been mired by a deluge of torture. It's invaded from every corner of the planet, often usurping sophisticated characters and plot for extreme violence. There are film franchises that have made a literal game out of placing paper-thin characters up against razor-sharp wire simply so they can spill as much of the red stuff as the audience can endure.

I mention this not because Bitter Feast is one such film, but because that may be the type of film people are expecting from a plot that revolves around a chef, Peter Gray, (James LeGros) who exacts revenge on the food critic, JT Franks (Joshua Leonard), whose perpetually scathing reviews of his meals have finally cost him a career as a celebrity chef. So Peter kidnaps JT, takes him to his isolated house deep in the woods, and makes the blogger pay for all the bad reviews he's written over the years. Combine a plot like that with the current state of the genre and it's oddly natural to expect Peter to break out a pair of pliers and turn JT's body into a canvas of pain. What he actually does is, in a lot of ways, worse.

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