The geniuses at Pixar haven't necessarily improved upon the pinnacle of Toy Story 2 (1999), but more than ten years later they have effectively repeated its themes and provided a terrific and funny summer adventure, Toy Story 3. Andy (voiced by John Morris, who has provided Andy's voice in all three films) has continued to grow over the years, as boys will do, and is now ready for college. His mother has ordered him to clean out his room. Everything in it either goes with him to college, into the attic, or into the trash.

Through a series of misunderstandings, our favorite group of toys winds up donated to a daycare, where they believe Andy has cruelly dumped them. They receive a cheerful greeting from the avuncular huggy bear Lotso (voice by Ned Beatty). Unfortunately, it turns out that Lotso runs the place like a prison and our heroes are going to have to do some hard time in the horrible toddler ward, where they are colored on, drooled on, and shoved up tiny noses. Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks), who has been been singled out to accompany Andy to college, is not among them. And so he attempts to rescue his old pals from this terrible place. What follows is a massively complicated, and ever-escalating escape attempt (with nods to classics like The Great Escape). Nothing is made easy for our friends, and they rarely get a break. Their ordeal culminates in an extraordinary sequence inside a giant trash disposal device. Of course, there's also a race against time; the toys must return home before Andy leaves for school in just a few days.