'Toy Story 3'There's still plenty of buzz surrounding Woody and the gang, as the first new 'Toy Story' movie in 11 years made some box office history for Pixar. In fact, moviegoers were so busy playing with 'Toy Story 3' that they forgot all about comic-book-to-screen newbie 'Jonah Hex.'

'Toy Story 3' opened pretty much as expected, with an estimated $109 million. That's well above the $70.4 million opening of 'The Incredibles' six years ago, which had been Pixar's previous record holder. Chalk the difference up to inflated ticket prices (especially because of 3-D and IMAX surcharges) nearly unanimous positive reviews, Disney's skillful eight-month marketing campaign, and general good will toward Pixar movies and this franchise in particular. The movie set another record with its opening-day take of $41 million, the best ever for an animated feature. By Sunday, it could claim the second-best opening ever for an animated movie. (2007's 'Shrek the Third' still holds the record, with $121 million.)