I was catching a late showing of Iron Man 2 the other night with a friend, and naturally one of the trailers was for Inception. It looked, in a word, awesome. We all know Inception is going to rock, and it's one of the few highlights of an otherwise dreary summer movie line-up.

Writer and director Christopher Nolan and the cast have been fairly successful in keeping most of the details of this project quiet for much longer than usual. For quite a while, no one knew what the hell Inception was about. When I interviewed Joseph Gordon-Levitt in November, he wouldn't to talk about the movie, saying, "[Nolan] asked me, you know, 'Don't tell anybody anything about it.'"

He added, "I don't want to know the details or the particulars or the story and the plot before I see the movie. Why would I want to know about that before I see the movie? It kind of ruins the movie. So that's just me. I don't like to watch trailers for movies that I want to see. I want the movie to be presented to me the way the filmmakers wanted to present it. And I really admire Chris for being able to accomplish that."
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