After the flurry of initial publicity for The Green Hornet (including a ComicCon appearance of The Black Beauty), things have fallen quiet on the buzz front as the film goes into post-production, and is revamped for 3D. But that's changing today! Yahoo! Movies debuted the first two official images from The Green Hornet, and announced that the first trailer will debut there at 12:00 AM EST. Of course, we'll be bringing it to you here on Cinematical too, so no need for you to stay up until the wee hours of the morning unless you're the biggest Hornet fan ever.

The slimmed down and buffed up Seth Rogen looks pretty spiffy in his green suit and mask. Look aren't everything, though. He's been a controversial choice for the dapper Britt Reid, and a lot of Hornet fans aren't thrilled that the film will take a more comedic approach to the material. Jay Chou also has some major expectations to fill. Not only is he stepping into a role made pretty iconic by Bruce Lee, but he was a last minute replacement for the popular star and director Stephen Chow. But you do have Christoph Waltz in his first major post-Basterds appearance (albeit as another villain), which might be enough to soothe all casting doubts.

There's been a lot of negative rumbling from fans, and rumors swirl that Columbia isn't thrilled with the film. We'll start to get an idea as to what to expect from Michel Gondry and The Green Hornet tomorrow. We've been waiting a long, long time for this hero to come back, and expectations couldn't be higher. What do you think so far? Does Rogen cut more of a Reid figure than you'd expect?
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