There are the documentaries that delve into great tragedy and triumph. There are the documentaries that dig into deeply personal tales. And then there are the documentaries that ... aren't so epic. My Date with Drew wasn't the sort of movie that would ever take the festival circuit by storm, burrowing into the public consciousness, but with earnestness and excitement it still wins a spot on the should-watch pile of films.

Director and star Brian Herzlinger is the typical struggling Hollywood hanger-on. He moved to the big city, trying to find his big break, but the farthest that he got was winning $1,100 on a pilot game show. The answer that won him the cash -- "Drew Barrymore." Taa-daa! Fate! Kismet! See, he's been in love with Drew for years, so he cooks up a scheme to try and get a date with the famous actress, and films his journey to the Barrymore, from the first steps, to talking to exes like Corey Feldman, and even making an appointment with the actress' facialist. But it's the end result that makes the journey worth it for the viewer, which I won't give away save to say that it includes discussion of a Lani Kai Lani Luau.

This flick hits the free zone just as Herzlinger's career starts to really move forward. Last year he helmed Baby on Board, relatively ignored but featuring Jerry O'Connell, Heather Graham, John Corbett, and Lara Flynn Boyle, and he is currently jumping on the bloodsucking bandwagon for a vamp comedy called College Sucks.

But for now, just clear 90 minutes in your schedule and:

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