Marvel Studios continues to be incredibly innovative when it comes to their cast of characters. Whereas other studios struggle to introduce their comic book characters to mainstream audiences, Marvel has continued to look at inexpensive ways to do so. In April, CHUD landed the scoop that they were looking at making smaller budgeted films featuring lesser known characters such as Doctor Strange, Dazzler (apparently not included in the X-Men stable), Ka-Zar, and Power Pack. Now Latino Review hears they may be aiming even tinier, and examining the possibility of short films.

According to an anonymous source, Marvel / Disney is looking to make short, ten minute films that could run before big Marvel movies and would introduce characters like Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Luke Cage, and so on. They think it would be an effective way to put them on audience's radar, without wasting a lot of money and jamming them like so much exposition in Iron Man 3 or The Avengers. Right now, this is strictly rumor and whisper, and there's no solid plan as to what Marvel movie they would appear before or what characters would be introduced.

I actually think this is a great idea. It would like the post-credits sequences without requiring the insider baseball knowledge that they'll be there. (Remember, this is how audiences first met Nick Fury and Thor -- or at least Mjolnir.) They could even run on YouTube and fuel audience fervor until they run out and buy a comic book or three. It's a far better plan than making a big (or small) origin story, and watching it crash and burn when no one cares who Black Panther is.
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