The big risk with casting Michael Shannon is not how well he'll handle a role, but how others will do alongside him. He elicited the wows in Revolutionary Road. He stole every scene he graced in The Runaways. But he's still the supporting guy that gives the stars a run for their money, and this time around, he's facing off against Gerard Butler and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

First, Variety reports that he will get to lend friendly support to Butler in Machine Gun Preacher. Following the story of real-life Reverend Sam Childers, the film will outline a biker interested in drugs and violence who is saved by church, receives a prophecy, and heads to Africa to help the children of Sudan and Uganda. Shannon will play Childers' friend, Delane. But really, take a look at the real Preacher at his website. Isn't it a whole lot easier to imagine Shannon in the role of the tough, one-biker Reverend? I foresee Shannon stealing the show.

Meanwhile, hit the jump for his next villainous role...
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