Toy Story 3

These days, sequels come so quickly on the heels of the originals that the opening weekend's box office earnings are still being counted by the time the trade rags report a second (or third) flick is in the works. There are also the more glaring examples of this trend, like Twilight or even the second and third movies in the Stieg Larsson trilogy, where the films are made back to back with hardly a breather in between.

Even though there was about a 15 year span between the first Toy Story and this past weekend's opening of Toy Story 3, the love for this series is obviously still going strong. TS3 set a box office record for Pixar, and is definitely one of the best films out this summer. Some might even say it's going to be one of the top films this year. But even though the first movie looks a bit dated when it comes to its CG, especially the animation of the humans, there's no doubt that it still looks great and, more importantly, its story and humor universally resonates with children and adults alike.

The trilogy has inspired incredible loyalty among viewers of all ages. If you need proof of how a rather unlikely story about a toy cowboy and his pals swept the hearts of movie-lovers, you don't need to look further than the ire directed at the authors of the two - two - bad reviews of Toy Story 3, which lowered its Rotten Tomato rating to 98%.

So, the big question is which Toy Story is your favorite story? Do you prefer the original gang to infinity and beyond, the newer crew in 2, or the third (and probably final) installment of the adventures of Buzz and buddies?