Leonardo Di CaprioLet's be honest. Awards shows are boring. So we have Oscar parties, dressing up and drinking to make them tolerable. Well, if casting news continues to be as amazing as today's news, we may be able to forgo the Oscars next year. Just mail the golden statues now. I'll let you know what has me clapping my hands with glee. (Source: Deadline)

I love Alexander Skarsgard as the vampire Eric in 'True Blood.' Sexy, sultry and just plain hot. But he's just agreed to be part of a film that ... well, let's just say it steals some of his sexy. I'll let you know what it is, so you can make fun of it too. (Source:Heat Vision) And I'll give you this weekend's box office numbers. This time it was a little cowboy with a spaceman buddy versus a scarred cowboy who talks to dead people. Want to guess who won? Check out the video after the jump.