Remember back in December when a seventy-minute long video review of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was all the rage? And then the same guy returned to the Intertubes four months later to do a nearly ninety-minute long review of Attack of the Clones? Well, now he's back with another review of a brilliant cinematic milestone, Patrick Read Johnson's ground-breaking 1994 film, Baby's Day Out.

I'm sad to report that at a mere twenty-five minutes it's not actually quite as long as his Star Wars' reviews, but it is just as funny-- plus, surprisingly, it actually has a bit of internal continuity with his Clones' video, proving he puts more thought and effort into these videos than 99% of people who hop on YouTube to complain about a movie. Sure, making fun of a flick as menial and pointless as Baby's Day Out is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel with a Gatling gun, but this anonymous Red Letter Media gent does it with such a lack of grace and subtlety that I doubt anyone could do a better job of killing this movie, burying it, re-animating it and then destroying it all over again. Check it out below.
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