The last time we heard from screenwriter Ernie Cline, his nostalgia-fueled Star Wars comedy Fanboyswas being quietly shuffled into a direct to DVD release. We can debate about what went on with that movie (the behind the scenes stories of re-shoots and forced story changes are pretty fascinating and polarizing), but it looks like Cline has some real motivation for leaving all of that in his past. He's sold his first novel, a science fiction adventure novel called Ready Player One, to Random House for a price in the "mid six figures."

That in of itself would be a victory, but consider this a double victory: Warner Bros. has bought the film rights to the novel after a serious bidding war that ended with Cline receiving a "high six figure upfront deal." Oh, and Cline will adapt the screenplay himself, so this is a triple victory for the man.

But what is Ready Player One about? Well...
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