Casting news for the new Fright Night first arrived back in April with the announcement of Anton Yelchin's involvement and just a little under three months later, the roster is almost complete. Yelchin leads as Charley Brewster, a kid who finds himself in some serious trouble when a vampire moves in next door. The role of Jerry Dandridge, our local bloodsucker, went to Colin Farrell. He'll have a major influence on Toni Collette who plays Charley's mother and Christopher Mintz-Plasse who's on board to play Evil Ed, Charley's best pal. When neither believes his accusation, Charley turns to a Las Vegas showman with a thing for horror movies for some help, David Tennant as Peter Vincent. Lastly we have our most recent addition, Imgoen Poots as Charley's girlfriend, Amy.

So now that leaves us with one role yet to be cast, that of Jerry's day watcher Billy Cole. Clearly Billy isn't a vampire or he'd be sleeping late like his sunlight-phobic boss, but he isn't entirely human either. Even the original Billy, Jonathan Stark, isn't quite clear on the topic. At a reunion screening panel back in 2008 (via Icons Of Fright), when asked what Billy is, Stark revealed, "You know, I have no idea!" That's when writer-director Tom Holland chimed in to clear things up a bit. He likened him to Dracula's Renfield and said, "I thought he was half-human and half-vampire. But he hadn't crossed over yet. So he could be Jerry Dandridge's alter ego/helper. He could exist during the day and in daylight. That he had been bitten, but enough blood hadn't transferred."

Whether Billy's a half-vampire, zombie or whatever, the remake's director, Craig Gillespie, will still need someone to fill the role. Who should be the new Billy? Check out who I've got in mind after the jump.
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