I love period piece films. Sadly, there's a severe shortage of halfway decent ones floating around, with the most recent one being J. T. Petty's phenomenal and highly underrated The Burrowers, which features subterranean creatures killing settlers and Indians in the Dakota Territories of the late 1800s. Although I highly doubt Rene Perez's The Dead and the Damned, described as "Deadwood with Zombies" by io9, can achieve the same level of praise The Burrowers, I'd like to think it'll still be a rousing good time.

After watching the trailer, which can be viewed below, you'll see that it's clearly low-budget, slightly anachronistic, and utterly over-the-top with its portrayal of the zombies. It looks ultra gory and utterly ridiculous, and naturally contains what appears to be buxom babes getting naked, something no low-budget zombie flick should be without. The film has all the trappings of a Troma flick, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

"It is 1849 in Jamestown, California and the Gold Rush is in effect. The local miners are eager to search everyday hoping to come out on top with the best and most gold from the hills and valleys. During an expedition the miners stumble upon a fallen meteor and they bring it into town and unknowingly release deadly spoors located inside. Soon the town's population begins to turn into deadly blood thirsty Zombies and Mutants. Will the remaining townsfolk survive this unspeakable event?"

The flick makes it premiere at the Another Hole in the Head Festival, which runs from July 8th to the 29th at the Roxie and Viz theaters in San Francisco. Many thanks to Fangoria for the heads up.

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