Plenty of Garth Ennis' books get optioned, but none have made it to the big screen. But hope springs eternal. His gruesome and satirical superhero series The Boys has been set up at Columbia since 2008 with Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay taking a crack at the script. It's been quiet since then, until Nightmare on Elm Street's Samuel Bayer told Film School Rejects he wanted to direct it. The obstacle? Adam McKay was already in talks to do so. Yes, McKay of Will Ferrell comedies.

But hey, maybe that was just one director throwing out names, smack-talking in the hopes of getting fanboys to rally so he could get a meeting with Columbia executives. But now Collider and Entertainment Weekly are reporting that McKay is indeed negotiating to direct The Boys. Reportedly a big comic book fan, McKay has been dreaming of directing an adaptation of a book (any book) for awhile.

Would he be a good fit? The Boys deals with a CIA squad that keeps superheroes in line, and by any means necessary. It's typical Ennis -- filthy, violent, irreverent, and intent on shocking as many readers as possible. (For example, there's a bulldog named Terror that, well, grabs and doesn't let go. With either end.) Personally, I think there's a nasty streak in McKay's humor that could suit Ennis' sensibilities well. Step-Brothers feels like Ennis trying to be G-rated. It could work. But whether Columbia will actually run all the way with sexual assault, drugs, and rock and roll of The Boys is another matter altogether.
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