Unlike many of my fellow Squadders, I only purchase movies I truly love, and resort to Netflix for anything else. One of the films that deserves a place on my thin but respectable DVD shelf is The Exorcist. Sadly, I have nothing more than an old DVD, supported and protected from the elements by one of those awful DVD snap cases that totally throws off the aesthetic of a row of DVDs. You know what I'm talking about. But things are about to change. Once I finally, you know, get a TV, I will supplement it with a fancy new Blu-ray player and the all new Blu-ray of The Exorcist.

From Blu-Ray.com, the two-disc Digibook edition of The Exorcist will be released October 5th, including both the original 1973 theatrical cut and the 2000 director's cut, featuring the incredibly creepy "spider walk" that was left on the cutting room floor. Packaged with personal letter by director William Friedkin and a 40-page booklet, the films were remastered using the original camera negative, and will contain three Blu-ray exclusive documentaries produced by Laurent Bouzereau. But what of the special features, you ask?
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