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Oh man, am I the only one who wants to see a VIctorian Star Wars after seeing Chewy with a monocle (amongst others!) over at How to be a Retronaut?

finds out that David Cronenberg is looking to replicate the origins of the universe for new film.

Forget regular Campbell's soup. SciFi Wire offers up awesome labels for Bruce Campbell's Cream of Darkness and more.

BoingBoing reports that Yoda goes Origami for new children's book.

Speaking of tykes, Geekologie helps build a real-life millennium falcon for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Do you know of Frank Herbert's struggles to get us Dune? Check out this great article at The Way the Future Blogs.

One tick in the plus column for the Buffy remake -- it won't star Vanessa Hudgens, Cinema Blend reports. And the fact anyone tried to link SMG to it? That's just crazy and lazy.

Neatorama spots the Aurora Australis from Space.
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